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nnnnnneeeuuuunzzzzeeehhnhundertneunnnnzzzeehhhhnnn ! (KRAFTWERK) !

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john was a piece of sperm in 1919 ! a kick in the wall ! nothing , at least ! so what do you want ? nothing ? paris ?

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I'm confused. Question Laughing

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Paul wrote:I'm confused. Question Laughing

That's bughead's strategy!

"it´s fun ! please do not see robots robots everywhere ! cause they can see you ! Smile"

Got you! Razz

Cheers, Nayika

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yes , no need to be confused ! more hi end talent writing excellent lyrics , or so ... ! or i can better express my feelings than other people , i don´t know . a long time ago i was in a very bad mood and john cale´s artificial intelligence record helped me out of it at that time . it felt very honest and real , maybe he is the psychiatrist of rock and roll . Cool

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