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Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD

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1Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD Empty Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD on Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:54 am

Has anyone got it? I have a few questions:

1)Does the cd have good linear notes? It looks like the only way to get it in the U.S. is to buy an import of buy the mp3 version. If it has nice packaging and notes I will get the import.

2)How is the dvd quality, and does anyone know if it will be released in North America?

The DVD I can buy on amazon.co.uk only works on region 2 dvd players.

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2Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD Empty Re: Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD on Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:12 am

Hey Paul,

I can try to answer your first question:

I bought the CDs, and I'm overwhelmingly happy with the qualitiy. Of course nowadays concert recordings can be much better, but considering that they were recorded 1983/1984 it's ok. The quality is good enough for turning "Mercenaries" very loud, and still be able to enjoy it...

But the booklet is really a joke: I might ask Cale to sign it in Essen to add some value... The odd picture from the cover is again printed in a smaller way in the middle page. Then you have on the left an English text about Cale in general and about those concerts and the band line-up. On the right the same in German. There are two pages before for the song titles on the CDs and the last two pages for advertisement...urgh... And everything is in black & white. Nothing wrong about that. But in the whole I rather suggest you to get the mp3s that you can have already a great weekend...safe some money...protect the environment...?

But I hope others from the forum will also leave their opinions here.

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3Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD Empty Re: Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD on Fri Jun 11, 2010 5:34 pm

Hi Paul,

I can't but go along with Nayika: the linear notes are ridiculous. You'll be fine with the mp3s. I don't have any high end audio equipment, on my little stereo it sounds good.

I bought the DVDs, but as for quality again I must say I only have a tube television, no HD etc. I would have appreciated some extras. There's only the famous interview which is already on YouTube. The Rimsky-Korsakov song is still missing on the DVD.
Packaging and linear notes: a joke!

I have no idea whether it will be released in America.

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4Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD Empty Re: Live At Rockpalast DVD/CD on Sat Jun 12, 2010 2:59 am

Thanks for the info!

I just bought the mp3 album off amazon, sounds good so far!

I already had the 83 show on bootleg, but it's nice to have a better quality/official version.

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