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Royal Festival Hall 2005 Information Please

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1Royal Festival Hall 2005 Information Please Empty Royal Festival Hall 2005 Information Please on Mon May 03, 2010 8:48 pm


Can anyone tell me anything else about this show besides what's in this review? Was this some sort of one-off show? The band sounds interesting especially since it had Flea in it. Does a bootleg of the show exist?

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Hi Paul! I was lucky to have attended this concert. It was Meltdown 2005 at The Royal Festival Hall, London. Patti Smith was the director that year. And 2005 marked the 30th anniversary of her album, Horses. John Cale’s band played before Patti Smith and her band. She performed Horses in its entirety. I remember news spreading that Cale’s band were called The Babymakers but in the end they became The Meatgrinders. The sound was very intense and I should imagine it would have been difficult to make a good tape of the concert. I don’t know if any exist. I’ve just read the review on Hans’s site and it is pretty spectacular. I very much remember it being like that.

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yes Cale was taped...it was also video'd from the audience. Patti's performance was pro filmed, some of it was used for the dream of life film

Wow, sounds great!

Hopefully some footage or a torrent will show up one day.

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torrent has been on dime

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